Hair and Back Again

My sister, Katrina, got back from her insane European mountain biking expedition last week. I have to say, she’s looking pretty polished for someone who (I assume) has just come from not showering for a good quarter of a year. She’s always been into that sort of thing, and I simply cannot relate. But even I had to admire her understated cut and classy colour job.

Apparently, she’d been called in at the last minute to interview for her dream job at this law firm in the city. She’d therefore done a hurried dash to the first upmarket-looking hair salon she could find. If she’d asked me, I’d have recommended my hairdresser and colourist in St James Place – he’s the best in town – but it looks like she did alright with whoever she went with. By her usual standards, she looked exceptionally sharp.

I know that Katrina doesn’t share my belief that the hairstyle maketh the person, especially when it comes to things like high-end law firm interviews, so I’m not sure why she caved to convention this time. All I can think of is that she must have really wanted that job. Regardless, I’m wondering how long she’s planning to keep up this level of hair game. Maybe I can entice her into my world with some upscale hair products that will accommodate her preference for things to be naturally derived – for example, a hair treatment from Aveda. Stockists and hair salons that work with this stuff exist in the CBD, so I could possible use this move to prod her into getting another pro haircut.

I suppose I could learn from Katrina’s approach, at the end of the day. I’ll acknowledge that it’s not absolutely essential to sport freshly coiffeured hair at all times. But it is a luxury that I like to have in my life. Now to wait and see if Katrina’s got the job… that will probably dictate how this pans out.