New Hair-izons

It was Sadie’s going away party last night. To be honest, I’m pretty down about the fact that she’s moving to Glasgow, not least because now I have to find someone else to cut my hair. There’s also the fact that she’s one of my oldest friends, but that just makes her hair cutting all the more precisely tailored to my specifications. No one will ever be able to make me look as good as Sadie – certainly not at mate’s rates (namely, for free).

I’m rallying, though – I’m asking anyone and everyone with a unique and well-executed haircut where their got it done. A woman on the tram this morning told me about a South Melbourne luxury hair salon that’s apparently got it going on, if her perfectly angled bob is anything to go by. And the barista who made my coffee gave me a hint about an innovative barbershop in the inner north.

Who is your favourite Melbourne hairdresser? What is it that you like about their work? Do you just keep going back to them because you like their personality? Or is it because they’ve finally succeeding in approximating that one-of-a-kind asymmetric fringe you’ve been seeking your whole life? Does their salon’s ambience and product range factor in? Is it important to you to always see the same person, once you’ve found one you like? Or you happy to have a new take each time you get styled?

I’ve always felt pretty attached to the vision in my head of what my haircut should look like, which Sadie – knowing me as well as she does – has always been able to magically dash off with minimal instruction. I’m thinking it would be practical for me to start looking at it differently. Maybe it’s actually okay to give a stylist free reign over my crowning glory, without it having to comply with my mental image down to the last strand.

I think that’s sensible. Perhaps, over time, I can build up a rapport with my new hairdresser, such that they can interpret my instructions with a high level of accuracy. Alternatively, it could be that I start to care less about my haircut. Maybe it was Sadie’s enthusiasm, all along, that got me so invested in its perfection.