Welcome to the Network. We’re very happy to have you here!

What is Network Nirvana?

Network Nirvana is an online club for practitioners of meditation who feel that their practice need not be restricted to any one tradition. While most organisations focused on meditation will require, or at least strongly suggest, that practice be limited to a single systemic approach or lineage, we uphold a different ethic. Transcendent experiences of reality are, we believe, the birthright of anyone who chooses to pursue them, and access to them need not be confined to a preexisting format.

More and more people are finding that a multidisciplinary approach to meditation is highly effective in improving their health, happiness and relationships, and increasing their capacity for peaceful service to all beings. Network Nirvana is a meeting place for people who follow and support these self-guided, exploratory journeys and believe in their value for bettering human lives.

What does Network Nirvana do?

We are a loosely organised, non-hierarchical organisation that does not place any requirements – ideological, practical, financial or otherwise – on our members. We are simply whatever you need us to be at any given time, be that a hub for bouncing around ideas, a source of information and expertise, or simply an energy to plug into. As such, we don’t ‘do’ a great deal.

One thing we do ‘do’ is administrate this website, the purpose of which is to advise you of our existence and, if you see fit, plug you into the network. You are free to unplug at any time.

Who can join? 

We suggest that you have an existing meditation practice that you feel you benefit from, along with exposure to at least two forms of meditation practice. If you have not connected with any form of meditation or have limited experience, we recommend seeking supplementary guidance from outside our network.

While we aim to cross pollinate across approaches to meditation, you can still join if you practice in a specific tradition or lineage. If this is you, simply be aware that we do not exist for you to promote a monocultural approach or advocate for your favoured format over other formats.

How do I join?

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