A Great Dream, Regarding Law

I had the greatest dream of my LIFE last night. And while they say that you only dream for an average of about 30 seconds, I have to object here. This one clearly went for half an hour or more; there were even boring parts in between the exciting stuff! Thus proving that it was a great and complete dream.

I’m pretty sure real life is now infecting my sleep life, hence why real-life elements kept creeping into my dream scenario. Like, I’ve seen enough property law firms in Melbourne in the last few weeks to last a lifetime, so naturally, property law is something I’m thinking about before I go to bed. Thus, my dream included a complex scenario in which mankind had been devastated by a meteor strike, causing us to become secluded in our own little enclaves. My particular tribe lived in the desert, but with such a small population, we obviously had no property lawyers to sort out our land disputes. So I was chosen to cross the wasteland to the green fields beyond, where it was rumoured that a property law firm was still operating, although this meant crossing the great bridge and forging my way through the dangerous Ice Forest, infested with vacuum cleaner salespeople, and also maybe demons? I don’t remember. I DO remember that I made it through to the safehouse at the end, where there was a barbecue waiting for me, except I was so hungry that I started eating a whole load of chocolate biscuits. Of course, that spoiled my dinner.

I’m really hoping there’s a ‘dream sequel’ to this one, because I never did find those property lawyers to settle our land dispute, and the people of the desert tribe are counting on me. I mean, ideally I can look for property law solicitors available in Melbourne, get their contact details and memorise them…then hope it works when I go back into the dream. I don’t know if this post-apocalyptic world has phone signal, but it’s at least a start.