A window into your marriage

Windows are an important part of everyday life that we often neglect or forget. They keep in the heat, keep out the cold and generally allow us to see the world in a way that we simply wouldn’t if there was a wall there. In a way, windows are an analogy for the married life.

They keep in the heat of love, keep out the cold of loneliness, and two people joining as one have the potential to see so much more of the world, and with a second pair of eyes.

Windows can also be broken, through neglect or forceful actions. A marriage can go the same way if not treated with love and care. You can get replacement windows, of course…but they’ll never be the same as the originals. You never forget your first window, just like how your marriage should be unforgettable.

Windows can become murky, covered in extraneous materials, and you lose sight of what’s really important. In a marriage, you can lose sight of the things that are dear to you. You can forget what made your union truly special in the first place- the extraneous dirt of life, stress and hassle is what will make your marriage seem hazy.

In times like these, windows need to be washed. Think of marriage counselling or confiding in close friends as being like a hose that blasts away your troubles; or simply opening up the lines of communication. It may not be as easy as hosing down a window, but the end goal is the same: revival.

In the end, a clean window is a wonderful thing that brings joy to many. You can look through it and gaze at life’s many interesting moments; the storms, the fair weather, the meetings and partings. Marriage is the same, a lense by which we watch life’s milestones as they come and go.

So next time you have a broken window, before you call in the Melbourne window repair people, take a moment to think about your significant other. Is your life reflected in this window? Or is it clear of dirt, sound and unbroken? A good window should show it all.