Indoor-Outdoor Insanity

This renovation project just goes on and on… will it ever end?! On the upside, the decking around the granny flat is starting to look presentable – the bed and breakfast situation is finally coming to life. And (drum roll please) I’ve found a solution to my ongoing issue with not being able to find the right paint….digital printed wallpaper! Australia has got to have at least a few companies that can arrange this over the net. I just need to track down one that has the exact kind of abstract floral I’m after in a PVC-free material that hubby and I can paste up ourselves.

Practical stuff aside, browsing online wallpaper designs has been one of the highlights of my week. I haven’t quite landed on ‘the one’ yet, because it’s got to be a perfect colour match for the native garden that’s going to around the new deck. I have the planting design drawn up, so I know what colours are going to be in it and in what proportion, and I’m set on this being reflected in the interior decor of the flat.

The design concept of the bed and breakfast is that there’s no jarring separation between the outdoor and indoor areas – any solid indoor wall space needs to reflect the surrounding nature. I’m not willing to compromise on this, and I don’t think I’ll have to, going by what I’ve seen of the custom wall covering trend that’s on the go online at the moment. Not that I have the time to get into heavy-duty customising – just hand me that perfect print on a pre-pasted sheet!

The one problem I foresee is that the finely-tune choice of wallpaper won’t mean as much to a guest during the flowers’ off-seasons. I might have to jump back to the drawing board to make sure there’s a year-round display of colour in the planting arrangement.

I dunno; maybe I’m losing it a wee bit in the course of this reno. Will anyone appreciate my colour-matched indoor-outdoor decor concept as much as I do? Probably not. Do I care? Not in the slightest!