My Own Personal Catwalk

I wish people would just hurry up and automate houses already. Feels like we’ve had the technology for years and years now, but people are really dragging their feet about implementing it, much like flying cars and the ability to teleport to other planets for the purposes of tourism. Right now it’s just for really rich folks, but soon it’s going to be everywhere…

So they say, but ‘soon’ isn’t soon enough! I just cannot WAIT to be driving home- or letting my car drive me home- and I can just casually mention that i want the oven preheated to 280. Not that it’ll really matter, because the oven will be preparing dinner for me.

Of course, there’s my ultimate dream, and it involves nice little splash of fine designer LED lighting. See, I’ve always wanted to get dolled up in an evening gown, set up the lighting on my stairs so that it reacts to my presence in a sequential spotlight style, and then parade around my various corridors as if I’m a catwalk model. We all have our vices and desires, so I’ll thank you not to judge me for mine. Besides, as dreams go, it’s pretty tame. I just want some swish designer LED lighting to make me feel like I’m being adored and photographed by thousands, if not millions of people. There would also be strategically placed LED lights around the corridors that would flash whenever I strike a pose, to create that paparazzi feeling, and to perhaps help me to imagine that I’ll be on the cover of some glamorous magazine.

I tell you what: LED lighting is going places. If you want to buy residential LED lighting, Melbourne is the hip and experimental place to be at the moment. And when everything is automated, the lights will respond to our every whim. No matter WHAT you want them to do. I’ll fulfil my catwalk dream yet!

-Kat W.