No Lights in the Gym = Dangerous

So, according to my calculations, including the protein bar, the shake, the chicken, the tuna, then the eggs and the shake again…that’s, uh…

SO much protein. Like, all the protein. Man, I’m gonna be so buff tomorrow. That’s definitely how fitness works!

Can’t afford to slack off, even though life is just constantly shoving stuff in my way. There’s only nine months left until we hit summer again, so that’s all the time I have to fight that flab and get beach body ready. And I really mean what I said about life, because everything is conspiring to stop me from reaching my goal. Today at my shoddy old gym, the lights went off for the third time this week. Like, get your act together, Power-Up Gym! Get some commercial lighting solutions in there, pronto!

Of course, I tried not to let that stop me. There aren’t any windows, so the place was almost completely pitch black. But I was in the middle of a set, and a bit of darkness isn’t going to make me stop. I went onto finish that set, then felt my way to the kettlebells and just started swinging away like a champ. Clocked a guy on the head, but fortunately I was only using my warm-up weight and he didn’t know who it was. Just dropped the kettlebell (on my left little toe) and felt my way to the left extension machine. The perfect crime. No one ever suspects the leg extension guy.

But seriously, lighting. When people are lifting really heavy stuff, I think some really powerful lighting is in order, and lighting that works. Get some residential energy storage if you have to; we need it more than most other folks do! The lights go out at the hospital…big deal. They’re all just lying there anyway. But I won’t have stupid, old, faulty lighting wrecking my leg day.