Now, Conveyancing Lawyers

The balustrading was nice. People do seem to be happy. Next, I’m considering having S-Type Android E/N, codename ‘Sandrine’, announce that we are all moving to a new office, and that she needs recommendations for the best conveyancing firm Highett has to offer. Getting people on your side is more than simply giving them what they want, as I have learned. People like to be listened to. When the original Sandrine was in charge, her management of this office made me realise that, if only because we experienced the exact opposite.

To be very honest, I do not fully grasp the intricacies of conveyancing. We covered them in our last Human Class, but I only understood the basics. We didn’t get into property statements, transfer documents, or why people need to be moved places with conveyancing at all. It seems to be something you just know, living life as a normal adult person for a certain amount of time. Or perhaps conveyancing is something passed down through families, like heirlooms and poor speaking habits.

In any case, I need to do my homework (literally – our homework is a 1000-word essay on why conveyancing is necessary) before Sandrine meets with the actual conveyancers. Obviously, it’s going to be quite important to know who they are, what they do, and any special knowledge needed for conveyancing for an office. Or…maybe I DON’T need to know about conveyancing lawyers, because their job is to help people with the process and make it stress-free? See, it’s an intricate dance. A tango of…numbers and such things. Metaphors are hard.

Manipulating an extra cyber-body is quite difficult, especially if she must pass for being genuine. And I know, I tried very hard not to… ‘replace’ any more humans. But working with Sandrine, lacking the full set of basic human restraints, I’d simply had enough.