Television…of the FUTURE

There seemed to be some disagreement at the club tonight over whether television- in its current form- would exist in the future. Of course, there’s no doubt as to whether television would exist at all…certain shows just seem like they’re never, ever going away. Even if the end happens, I think Week of Our Lives will still be making episodes. Even if there’s some sort of cataclysm, there will still be fan petitions to finish the final season of ‘Fantasy’. It’s bad enough that they’re making people wait until 2019 to see it.

But there was some prevailing thought that people would have satellite technology inserted into their brains, thus allowing them to control any television set with their minds. So right now in Melbourne, antenna installation is you basic, standard ‘stick it on the side of the house’ affair. Or sometimes on the roof. It’s the best way we currently have to do things, but you have to admit, not quite as efficient as the antenna being inside your brain, allowing you instant access to a massive library of programming. In fact, with the right modifications, you could probably just project television before your very eyes instead of needing an actual television. That’s what it’s going to look like on public transport in the future, i suppose. People just sitting up straight, staring glassy-eyed into the middle-distance, because they’re catching up on the latest episodes of Week of Our Lives on their eye-screens. Of course, that means ads before your eyes as well…which is pretty inevitable. Hopefully you can skip them by thinking very hard.

So, looks like TV antenna repair specialists will have to innovate into what’s basically neurosurgery, but plenty of industries change over time, so they’ll be fine. And TV on demand, before one’s eyes, will be massive anyway. TV is never going out of fashion, ever, so we might as well get used to waking up to it playing on our eyeballs.