Termite Terrors

Sharon and Randy are in the market for a house. I went over to their place for dinner last night, and it was the talk of the table. Sharon told me that, now that her pregnancy is coming up to the 6 month mark, they’ve finally arrived at the point of wanting to move on from the old caravan. I was surprised to hear that they’ve been house hunting down in Mornington – turns out, those two are more loaded than I’d given them credit for.

According to Randy, Sharon has a thing about termite infestations – a phobia, almost. Apparently, it has something to do with the ceiling of her childhood bedroom collapsing in the wake of her parents’ refusal to treat their house’s termite problem. Randy thinks she’s going a bit overboard in her efforts to ensure that their prospective property is protected from such a fate, but Sharon won’t be swayed.

Randy told me that Sharon had spent the better part of yesterday afternoon looking up termite control services in Mornington, and had finally come up with list of options to prevent the scenario she fears (i.e. the roof of their dream home falling in on their newborn bub). It all seems to come down to arranging a pre-purchase inspection, wherein a pest control company uses thermal imaging to check for evidence of existing termite infestations, then having regular check-ups to nip any problems in the bud.

I don’t know why this is such a big deal; it all seems fairly obvious to me. Having said that, I’ve actually never had my home inspected for termites. I guess I should probably do that. Who’s good for termite inspections in the Dandenong area? While I’m on the subject, I’ve got to do something about that wasp nest outside the laundry. Maybe I can hit two pests with one stone.