The epic garden quest

I’m about to embark on a new quest, I’m talking of course about landscaping the garden. Our house lacks a proper garden, and even though it’s going to stretch the budget, I’m sure the new garden landscaping will add value to the property. I smile just thinking of it! A grand garden full of wonderful plants and flowers, in which we may dine, breakfast, dance…anything we please. Truly, a garden is one of the greatest additions to a house. It’s like combining the outdoors and inside in glorious harmony. I know my limitations so to help set the course, I’ve been in touch with a local landscaping designer in Melbourne.

First off, I had to gather a great multitude of wood. I’ve seen planter boxes, and wood has always been involved. This I did by scouring the nearby woodlands for viable materials. I found only bark and twigs, but I was not deterred. Soon, I happened upon a decaying fence that was obviously no longer in use. I requisitioned the materials and decided to use them for my cause. Just a bit of scraping and all the old paint would be off in a jiffy. I had enough wood for a basic planter box, my strawberries would have a safe home to grow. I still needed support pillars to keep the edible plants in place. I wasn’t stupid, I knew we needed support. However, perfectly formed blocks of wood were hard to come by. With my supports in place, I set about finding the right plants. I found just what I needed along with a few other edibles like potatoes and pumpkin. My planter box ended up with several gaps, but I figured they would simply act as feature pieces until I could find proper coverings. I’m sure the strawberries will just grow through these spaces and spread out.

I now had all the making for a basic fruit and vegetable garden! I must admit I did need to hire a team of garden landscapers based in Melbourne North in order to get the pergola sorted out. All that was left was to populate it with stuff like seed potatoes, strawberries and other assorted berries. I quickly found that my plant store was very low, so I looked up some local varieties to use instead. The garden turned out to be prettier than I’d expected, with a very floral smell. Certainly fresh and bright, and that’s all you can hope for. Of course, my housemate had to come out before the garden was finished and put a foot straight through the seedlings. They had a few small lacerations, I just hope there is no damage to the rest of the roses. This is typical. Now I’ll need more plants if these fail to grow. This will not deter me. I will build this grand garden again, and it shall be more beautiful than ever before. Nothing can stop my landscaping hands!

Choosing your new garden landscaping

Flowers are a great way to really make the outside of your house more inviting. It makes for a nice welcoming when hosting parties, to sit out there and shoot the breeze, do breakfast in the sunshine, or anything you like. First you need to choose the right type of flowers and plants. When it comes to garden plants, there are many broad groups: flowers, climbers, fruiting, and so on.

Their status hippeastrums does not in itself make them unsuitable, in fact, for the purposes for which they were designed, they are suited to most gardens. They only take a little watering and within a short time the flowers should start to open.

Many varieties of hippeastrums are hardy and resistant to weather and temperatures fluctuations which make them especially great for Melbourne. Potatoes aren’t quite as popular but are well worth the time to put in ground. They’re incredibly easy to grow and very nourishing crops. It doesn’t take as much soil as most people may think to plant potatoes. Another added bonus is that you can plant other flowers above the potatoes so long as they are not too thirsty. Roses can be more difficult to grow, but they offer a much better range and depth of colours. They are generally more durable and can bear more punishment depending on how old they are. Their beautiful colour is what draws people into putting them in their garden.

Composite roses are a combinations of the two different varieties and are becoming more popular in gardens across Australia. They have been engineered to have certain properties, though not necessarily for drought resistance. Many are bred specifically for colour and petal size and are more resistant to colder weather making them a durable and attractive option. These are some of the options when planning your garden landscaping, any of them are valid choices. The most important thing is to have fun with it!