Forever Glass

It really is true: money doesn’t make you happy. However, it can buy things that make you happy. So, in essence, money does help you out in that department. I cannot buy a dinosaur, or a trip to Saturn, and they would make me happy. But I can call up the best glazier services Melbourne has to offer and have them remove one entire side of my house and replace it with glass windows. That way, I can look out upon my extremely large garden and admire the work being done by my legion of gardeners. People kept saying, “That garden isn’t going to make you happy. You can’t live in the garden, no matter how lush and verdant you make it and how much money you spend.”

Well, two things I say to that. First, I totally could live there. I’ve just plumbed in my treehouse, which is slightly larger than the average one-bedroom apartment in Melbourne. It has electricity, wifi and insulated walls, with the glass balustrade installation well underway. 

Secondly, you don’t have to be in a garden to enjoy it, necessarily. Once I’ve replaced one of my walls with panes of glass, it really won’t be a stretch to continually experience the whole garden arranged before me. Nothing is locked in yet, but it should be quite spectacular. Of course, I’ll need to install better heating in the lounge and the kitchen, because they’ll be the ones without a wall. Also, I’ve somehow only just noticed in the blueprints that the ground-floor guest bathroom will have its wall replaced with glass, so… gonna need to remember to have that section done in frosted glass.

Then there’s the shower screens, come to think of it. I might as well have that glass replaced awhile I’m at it.  I have the money, after all, and soon I’ll have the happiness to go with it.