Racing Safely

I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to get involved in the dangerous life of street racing, but it IS good fun if it’s on a track. Right now I’m treating it like a problem: I’m in the process of quitting, but it’s not something you can just do right away, you know? I’m taking things down from street-racing every night to taking a break on Thursdays and Saturdays. Then I’ll make it a weekends-only thing with the occasional Wednesday, and before you know it I’ll only be racing one day a week like a regular citizen. I live for the day.

For now, I need to keep coming up with excuses for all the mechanics as to why my car needs a lot of repairs and servicing. Last time I took my car in for a car service near South Yarra I had to think on the fly after I realised that I’d been there a few too many times and I’d already used the ‘I was an exciting desert road trip’ excuse. I guess I could just be the type of person who goes for a lot of road trips, off-road, through the desert. An addiction to the desert isn’t really that much weirder than an addiction to racing.

New story, everyone! I now have a newfound love for the desert, but not enough saved up to buy a car that can last through the harsh desert sands. After that I just have to hope that no one questions why I don’t just save all the money I’m spending on car servicing and repairs, and put it towards a four-wheel drive.

It’s because four-wheel-drives are terrible for racing, but I don’t want them to know that. So far as all the car mechanics in Hawthorn and beyond know, I’m a simple fellow with a liking for deserts. Not desserts, mind you, because that would have nothing to do with driving. Almost nothing.