Guide to Windows in Melbourne

Melbourne is a lovely multicultural city, and this is reflected in the hodgepodge of architecture you will find. Those interested in architecture, and especially the architecture of windows, will find much to see in the many suburbs of Melbourne. If, like me, you are an enthusiast of sash windows, Melbourne is certainly the place to go.

I have extensive photographs of many of the different windows found in Melbourne. Over the years, I have made three trips there to look at the beautiful building designs. I am even planning to go again within the next two years, though perhaps this time without my wife, as she is not much of a window buff herself. She tolerates my hobby, and has been very supportive by accompanying me on my many trips, but she seems to become ever more irritated with every window fact I tell her.

Looking at various window designs in a big city is a skilled art. I have heard of others in the window appreciation community getting into trouble with the law. Some people think that window enthusiasts are trying to look inside the windows!

My recommendation to those who love window design is to choose public buildings. Private homes are just too risky, in my opinion, even though they often have the most interesting windows. Those who love sash windows can try going to display homes, or to houses open for inspection, to see their favourite designs. While it is a little dishonest to pose as a buyer, there is really no harm done at the end of the day. Remember to always be careful when you are indulging in your hobby, nobody wants to deal with window replacements. Melbourne also has some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the country. Be ready for an enthusiastic day of window gazing if you’re ever in town.

Just remember to be careful! I have heard of some unruly members of the community actually breaking windows by accident. If you look with your eyes instead of with your hands or with a rock (to probe the strength of the window, of course), you will be in the clear.