Heating your home: style vs function

I have travelled all over the world designing people’s homes. It is a real privilege being asked to create the space in which people want to spend their lives. From their most intimate moments to their most public ones, the home is the stage on which life is set. I’d like to discuss a recent job I took in Melbourne, Australia. A lively, successful young couple asked me to assist in designing their dream home in the beautiful setting of Melbourne. There is one constant I have noticed in all my work across Australia and that is Australia’s obsession with cooling and heating. With temperatures ranging from over 40 degrees to nearly freezing, it is essential to any home to have both cooling and gas heating in Melbourne. Between wallpaper exhibitions and vintage furniture shopping I found the time to pull some strings with my connections in the air conditioning world in Melbourne.

In order to not compromise on style I like to take an integrated approach when it comes to providing functional elements to the home such as central heating. Vents can overcome the issue of a large bulky unit however some of the latest cooling units from the bigger brands can be an art piece in themselves. The risk of using an overly fancy system is that when it breaks it can be hard to find a repair company. Luckily I happen to know the best heating service Melbourne has to offer. They happen to service all major brands which is a big plus. It is this very reason that it is important to consult a professional when designing your home. Those small tips on functionality and efficiency that escape the mind of non industry insider can be crucial to enjoying all aspects of your home. In countries like Australia it can be difficult to manage the highs of summer with the lows of winter, as well as equipping your house with the latest tech in cooling and heating I also recommend equipping your wardrobe with the latest parka and goose feather duvet.