Marketing is Easy

Is there anybody out there that can help me get my t-shirt business off the ground? I’m working so hard to make thousands of quality t-shirts in my awesome 90’s style, which I’m sure everyone is going to love so much. It’s a little raw and unclean in terms of art, but I think that’s just “retro”. I’m certain it will obliterate all of the lame “modern” competition.

My son keeps telling me to slow down and do more research on t-shirt design, but I don’t think there’s any need. After all, it’s not like you need a significant amount of luck to successfully start a clothing business on the internet. And I’m certain that my designs are the best that have ever been created.

I’m pretty sure that marketing on the internet barely costs anything as well. I’ll just cheaply advertise on social media and take the t-shirt world by storm. Even though that is a highly saturated market on the internet, I’m sure that I’m the exception here.

And besides, if it all goes poorly I’ll just pay a full service digital marketing agency to make my t-shirt company successful for me. I won’t even have to do any work. It’s not like hiring a marketing agency is like entering a committed partnership where you both work together to make your business as successful as possible. It’s not my job to work hard at being an entrepreneur. Why doesn’t everybody do it, given it is so easy?

Sure, my son does work in marketing, but I’m sure my knowledge of it is far superior to his. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is just jealous of my awesome idea.

And as I am now typing this, I’m realising how ridiculous I sound. I’ve suddenly had an epiphany and seen the error of my ways. I’m going to take this business idea of mine seriously, do some actual research and consider getting in contact with a marketing agency that can help me grow my business.