House Party Plastering

Uh, does anybody know how much it costs to have a wall fixed? Preferably quickly, and fixed so well that you can’t tell it was damaged in the first place. I’ve been throwing a week-long party at my house, while my parents are out of town for the fortnight. It got a bit out of control. This isn’t your usual story of a teenager throwing a house party and regretting it, then trying to frantically fix any problems before their parents get home. No, the party actually went pretty smoothly, overall. The “out of control” part was only today, on the last day of the party, when my younger brother decided to play a game of indoor soccer with my friends.

Dad has always said no soccer in the house, and today I found out why. Within two kicks, someone had put a hole in the wall. Now I need to arrange for plaster repair and a professional painting service. If anybody out there knows of a painting contractor who can help a teenager in need, I’d really appreciate it. Preferably they owe you a favour, and you are willing to ask them to help me as that favour, because I… don’t have any money. Mum and Dad are going to go through every purchase we made while they were away, making sure everything was above board with them.

I’m also worried that a residential painter might leave behind traces of the work done. Would commercial painting contractors for Melbourne businesses do a better job? I know commercial work would be more expensive, and hard to get given it is a residential job, but my parents absolutely cannot know that I threw a party. Other than the soccer game, it went absolutely perfectly. Everybody was super respectful and there isn’t a single pizza box or bottle to be found. I would have gotten away with the whole thing if not for my meddling little brother. I was so close!

So, if anybody wants to give me a hand with this tiny little problem, I’d really appreciate it.

– Cece