My new favourite event venue

As the owner of a small Melbourne-based business that focuses on safety leadership in the workplace, I often find myself looking for the perfect venue to hold functions like team building and leadership days. Mostly, party venues in Melbourne don’t make the cut as my clients are mostly very professional – but the day I found out about the venue of my dreams was the day I was happy to bend my guidelines a little.  

I know that a good venue has to be easy to access and it also has to have a good name. It has to be a place that people have super positive experiences at, and I’m always looking for a venue that is known for shucking off the stiffness that some venues can’t seem to lose. I want the best If I’m taking my clients to any new function rooms. Melbourne is generally great in this way, but I need to be sure that my workshops will be held in relaxed environments where people can be at ease and a bit curious at the least about the area I’ve bought them to.

Lots of what I talk about in my workshops is about encouraging people to be aware of their surroundings and I knew that this venue had everything I needed to engage my clients. The excitement in the venue is a bit infectious, there are great views of two skating rinks that I can take my workshops in and there are a loads of amazing activities that the venue will gladly arrange for my clients to take.

Like I said,I never thought I’d find the perfect function rooms that could cater to such a  diverse need.  Here’s the thing; I’m going to have to book the venue for my son’s birthday in November this year. There is no way I could overlook this venue as one of the city’s best party venues. Melbourne weather won’t even factor into our plans- we’ll pack for freezing temps knowing  my son is going to have the best birthday yet!