Why floating bananas got me grounded.

We’ve all heard those stories where someone’s parents go away, then their kids throw a party that snowballs into some kind of unstoppable force- well, that happened to me, and it didn’t happen in a predictable way. Right now, my parents are tallying up a bill for glass repair, furniture replacement, wall damage and neighborhood relationship re-establishment as we speak. I’m going to be paying for this forever.

My exam finals unleashed something in me. Added to the mix was the fact that the same weekend my parents went to a jazz festival in rural Victoria. So naturally, my friends and I ended up at our house the right after our geography final.

I’m definitely going to be hitting Alice up for the fees charged for the living room glass replacement, seeing as it was her shoe that shattered the glass.

Alice, my best friend, and she is well known for being wild. I shouldn’t have been surprised that at the last second some of her friends who’d finished their final that afternoon arrived at my doorstep. Drama students. My heart sank. Everyone knows they can’t just go to a party without turning it into a performance. The second they got to our house, Jo’rian feigned a fainting attack at the sight of our curved staircase. Before I knew it, there was a photo shoot in the living room, someone quoting Juliet from our pool balcony and a couple having a fight in my room that I couldn’t quite tell was real or not.

I’m not exactly certain at what point the party had tripled in size, but before I knew it, there were people in every room of our house. In the end, the neighbors called the police, and everyone left, leaving me with the most frightening mess I’ve ever seen. To top it off, my parents were rained out of the jazz festival and arrived home to me crying and scooping bananas out of the pool. Alice had wagered a bet with a guy from her biology class that they could float.