Shopping Online…for a Home

Sometime soon they HAVE to invent holographic imaging technology. And then, we won’t ever even have to leave the house. When you need to go shopping for milk, you just tap a button and it brings up the holographic supermarket. You pick up some holographic milk, pay for it using Bite-Coin, and it gets delivered to your door in minutes by a drone. Maybe we’ll also have special drone slots, so you can get something without even having to leave your chair. It just flies in through the slot and deposits whatever you want into your hand, like a robotic butler.

What a truly enlightened age it shall be.

Pretty much the only reason we’ll ever have to leave the house is to go hiking, and also to buy a new house. And even THAT is being taken care of by buyers advocates based in Melbourne. I think in the future, we’ll think of buyers advocates the same way we now think of confectioners. Necessary for the time, absolute masters of their craft, specialists who do what the ordinary folk cannot: pick the perfect home. To be honest, there’s a good chance that they’ll never actually be replaced. Certain things can’t really be replicated by technology, like eating things and picking out your dream home. You can strap on a VR headset and have it play a perfect roller-coaster experience, or you can image search a pictures of the Himalayas, but you can’t ‘virtually’ buy a home. Buyers advocacy is basically as good as it gets already, people checking out physical locations so that you don’t have to. I guess you could get a VR tour of your new and/or potential home, but then…you have to live in it. You need an assurance that you’re buying the correct goods, and short of going to a place yourself in Melbourne, professional property advocates are the next best thing.

Everything else will be totally digital, though. And if we can’t be sustained on digital food, at least we can project to image of a fancy restaurant to make it a bit more appetising.