Sleepy Feet

There’s nothing quite like putting your feet up at the end of the day and going into relaxation mode – all the more so if this is accompanied by a fine beverage. It could be a simple cup of chamomile tea, or a reishi elixir with pine pollen infused honey. It depends on the needs of the moment, and there are few things I enjoy more than nailing the perfect nightcap.

In fact, friends often come to me for recommendations. First up, I’ll tell them to take a seat and relax, so they can get into the zone and tell me exactly what it is that they want from their evening bevvy. Sometimes I’ll even offer them a selection of foot care treatments. Around Cheltenham, I’ve noticed, people seem to carry a lot of tension in their feet and ankles, and an Epsom salts foot soak will often transport them directly into relaxation mode.

It’s funny, that. I’m no foot specialist, but it’s clear to me that the health and comfort of the feet are directly linked to nervous system regulation, which in turn is related to night-time bevvy choices. When a friend tells me they’re suffering from insomnia, they’re usually wearing some kind of ill-fitting footwear. I just can’t help but notice the pattern. If you don’t believe me, look into it for yourself. You might be surprised at what you observe.

That brings me back to the evening drink design process. The secret to choosing the right blend, temperature and drinking vessel for a particular querent can be unlocked only when their feet are happy and healthy, and the fact is that for some people, that state can’t be attained through a simple foot soak. In those cases, I’ll generally recommend a visit to the podiatrist, which is generally met with a blank or accusatory stare.

It’s like, yes, I know you just came here for my lavender and lemon balm moon milk recipe. Get back to me when you’ve sorted out that ingrown toenail. Then we’ll talk.