Too Much Tint

Well, the weekly test results are in, and it looks like plunging the office into eternal darkness is an ineffective way to boost productivity. I didn’t think so, but I had to be sure so we tested it out for a week. To fill you in, we’ve been testing different shades of window tinting for our office, aswe want to get the balance exactly right. No use having the place tinted and then finding out that it lowers the amount of work people do, even if by only a tiny amount! 0.007 percent is too much. Too much, I tell you. Ask my business adviser. 

Anyway, the maximum amount of tint was too much indeed, because we had to have the lights on all day, every day. I appreciate the work of the various commercial tinting companies Melbourne has in its domain, but I’m honestly not sure why some of them even offer that ultra-ultra-dark option. I just can’t really see what any establishment would stand to gain from making its entire office darker than dark. Maybe we ordered the extra-dark-tint-deluxe package by mistake? Maybe I need to fire someone who isn’t keeping up with the required level of productivity?

Anyway, we hardly needed any sort of testing to see that this was a disaster. The employees reported increased stress, anxiety and hopelessness about the future. Some said that they felt trapped in a world of eternal night where the sun had been permanently killed, and they could feel the ice of despair freezing over their very hearts and souls. And THAT is not productive.

We want tinting, we really do. Glass tinting is a big thing at the moment, along with branded window frosting. Melbourne does trends like no other city, so of course we had to get on board. Seriously, no company worth its salt is without tinted windows at the moment! But perhaps we need to get the balance right. Too much darkness and people just stop being productive.