Merry Car Troubles

It’s Christmas in the ocean too, you know. It’s nice to see that even with these marine biologists working so hard, they make some time for the celebration of what really matters. In fact, this special edition of my favourite show, Echolocation, took place almost entirely on land, and mainly focused on the marine biologists coming back to shore for Christmas to see their families and reconnect with terra firma.

It was pretty difficult for some of them, let me tell you! Poor Niall couldn’t remember a single thing about driving after operating his miniature scouting submarine for so long. The show followed his trials and tribulations as he tried to book in for car mechanic services. Northcote, where he used to live, was completely alien to him. First he bunny-hopped down the road because he couldn’t remember how a clutch worked. Then he absently wound the window down and immediately panicked and started gulping in lungfuls of air because he forgot that he wasn’t leagues under the sea where the pressure will kill you. So funny!

He finally got his car serviced after an awkward conversation with a mechanic, in which Niall referred to the spoiler as the ‘dorsal fin’ and asked about the possibility of sealing the windows so they could never be wound down. Then we left Niall to check in with Judy and Judith, best friends and marine biology partners. They were also having some car troubles, although of a different sort. They totally forgot that cars have regulations and registrations attached, so not only did they get busted trying to tow their medium-sized submarine to Judith’s parents’ place, they also didn’t have a roadworthy. So Judy is on her phone looking at how to get a roadworthy certificate. Brunswick locals are so lucky, getting to watch this play out first hand. 

Don’t know why, but other people’s misfortune always makes me feel so fuzzy at Christmas.