A window into your marriage

Windows are an important part of everyday life that we often neglect or forget. They keep in the heat, keep out the cold and generally allow us to see the world in a way that we simply wouldn’t if there was a wall there. In a way, windows are an analogy for the married life.

They keep in the heat of love, keep out the cold of loneliness, and two people joining as one have the potential to see so much more of the world, and with a second pair of eyes.

Windows can also be broken, through neglect or forceful actions. A marriage can go the same way if not treated with love and care. You can get replacement windows, of course…but they’ll never be the same as the originals. You never forget your first window, just like how your marriage should be unforgettable.

Windows can become murky, covered in extraneous materials, and you lose sight of what’s really important. In a marriage, you can lose sight of the things that are dear to you. You can forget what made your union truly special in the first place- the extraneous dirt of life, stress and hassle is what will make your marriage seem hazy.

In times like these, windows need to be washed. Think of marriage counselling or confiding in close friends as being like a hose that blasts away your troubles; or simply opening up the lines of communication. It may not be as easy as hosing down a window, but the end goal is the same: revival.

In the end, a clean window is a wonderful thing that brings joy to many. You can look through it and gaze at life’s many interesting moments; the storms, the fair weather, the meetings and partings. Marriage is the same, a lense by which we watch life’s milestones as they come and go.

So next time you have a broken window, before you call in the Melbourne window repair people, take a moment to think about your significant other. Is your life reflected in this window? Or is it clear of dirt, sound and unbroken? A good window should show it all.

The Life of a Tradesperson

So you want to be a tradesperson? It’s a promising option for many, especially those who can’t see themselves sitting behind a desk doing the 9-5 for the rest of their lives. But it’s not a walk in the park either, as it can involve heavy machinery, long hours and a whole lot of learning. Here are just a few things you might want to know before starting off:

  1. The hours will be long: Tradespeople are often the first people out of bed, besides airport workers. And working as an apprentice, which is probably how you’ll start off, you may be working up to 12-hour days or more. Of course, that’s not a guarantee, but don’t expect sensible hours. Carefully consider if you can handle the exhaustion.
  2. You’ll be an apprentice for a while: This is common tradesman knowledge; that you’ll be working under an experienced mentor, probably for a number of years. To nail the stereotype, this likely means you’ll be getting the less popular jobs, and working for longer, with less pay. It’s a period all tradespeople have to endure, and you should come out on the other end with knowledge and an idea of where you want to work- not to mention a stronger character. So before you grab your aluminium accessories and take on the world, be aware that it could be a while before this happens.
  3. The Boredom: An unwritten tradesman rule is that the boring jobs pay better. There are countless trades to learn, some more fun than others, but you have to pick that one that’s right for you, not just whatever pays the most for the least work. Mining, for example, is one of the most boring jobs around , but also one of the best payed. But the ‘fun’ factor is no reason for choosing a job either. Remember, this choice has lifelong consequences. Pick something you could do for years afterwards.
  4. The Physical Side: We’re not saying these experts all have hazardous jobs where they risk life and limb every day. But they can be exhausting, dirty, disgusting and even dangerous. It’s the polar opposite of a desk job, and can involve some pretty unpleasant situations, not to mention the heavy machinery that can very easily put you in the hospital if you’re not careful. Be aware of the risks!

If you’re fully aware of these, by all means go ahead. Grab the best aluminium toolbox Melbourne has to offer, fill it with whatever you need and start your life as a tradie.

Just as long as you’re sure it’s the right career path for you!

Pool Fencing Regulations

Owning your own pool is a privilege, especially in the summer, but it also comes with responsibilities.

Many regulations exist regarding pool safety, and a number of these apply to pool fencing. All pool and spas are required to have them, and these can be metal or stylish glass pool fencing, but here are a few of the essential laws that you need to know before enjoying your pool:

  1. Drowning is the most common preventable cause of death for children under five in Australia, A fences pool reduces the risk of drowning to only a quarter.
  1. Any body of water over 300mm in depth is considered to be a pool, and has to be fenced. The gates must be kept in good working order, and not propped open by anything, such as a chair.
  1. Some common issues with pool fencing include doors that do not close by themselves, faulty latches and unstable ground around the fence. Failure to address any of these issues is counted as an offence.
  1. All pools are spas are now required to have four-point fencing; that is, they cannot be backed up against a wall or fence. They must be entirely enclosed within the fence. This is to stop climbable objects being used to enter the pool from the other side.
  1. It is possible and recommended to have an inspection of your pool fencing, to make sure it complies with safety standards and is completely safe. Pool fences in Melbourne are regulated by local councils. Be aware that fines will be imposed if pools are found to be inadequately fenced after they have been used.
  1. Finally, while fences prevent a majority of drowning incidents, they are no substitute for proper supervision. Use fencing as an aid, not a way of preventing accidents completely.

Always keep an eye on little ones when they’re swimming in the pool. Never assume just because they know how to swim that they don’t need supervision.

Choosing your new garden landscaping

Flowers are a great way to really make the outside of your house more inviting. It makes for a nice welcoming when hosting parties, to sit out there and shoot the breeze, do breakfast in the sunshine, or anything you like. First you need to choose the right type of flowers and plants. When it comes to garden plants, there are many broad groups: flowers, climbers, fruiting, and so on.

Their status hippeastrums does not in itself make them unsuitable, in fact, for the purposes for which they were designed, they are suited to most gardens. They only take a little watering and within a short time the flowers should start to open.

Many varieties of hippeastrums are hardy and resistant to weather and temperatures fluctuations which make them especially great for Melbourne. Potatoes aren’t quite as popular but are well worth the time to put in ground. They’re incredibly easy to grow and very nourishing crops. It doesn’t take as much soil as most people may think to plant potatoes. Another added bonus is that you can plant other flowers above the potatoes so long as they are not too thirsty. Roses can be more difficult to grow, but they offer a much better range and depth of colours. They are generally more durable and can bear more punishment depending on how old they are. Their beautiful colour is what draws people into putting them in their garden.

Composite roses are a combinations of the two different varieties and are becoming more popular in gardens across Australia. They have been engineered to have certain properties, though not necessarily for drought resistance. Many are bred specifically for colour and petal size and are more resistant to colder weather making them a durable and attractive option. These are some of the options when planning your garden landscaping, any of them are valid choices. The most important thing is to have fun with it!