Can’t beat ‘em? Charge ‘em. Clean Energy answered our SOS.

“84 PERCENT?” I yelled down the phone. “ Are you for real?”

I’ve never been great on the phone but this was a moment. The guy I’d talked to about saving money for our workshop had just told me how much I can save on electricity by simply switching to commercial LED lighting. Pretty much everyone in the workshop had turned around to stare at me- they’d probably never heard me get this worked up on the phone.

Why didn’t I know about the benefits of getting some sweet commercial LED? Melbourne is the best place to capitalise on finding ways to make business work in your favour, and I know some truly innovative people, but this completely floored me. To save 80% on a power bill seems to be a mistruth- yet the guy from the sustainable energy company is telling me in plain English that yes, I heard right, and YES they can arrange a fit out within just a few short business days.

We use a lot of electricity and out lighting system is in constant use due to the nature of our work. We’re wood turners and cabinet makers, and we are open six days a week for business. A small business like mine is often caught out trying to scrimp a few bucks here or there, and while I’m just ready to go the jugular of the multinationals stealing my trade for throwaway junk, I can’t avoid the fact that I’m a power guzzling business too. Not quite ready to be beaten and join em, I am jumping on the chance to save some money with a more sustainable approach.

I’ve since been in touch with a mate who runs his business almost completely on a solar energy buyback scheme, and i’m getting more an more wound up about her story of feeling ultra smug when the power company buys her stored energy back. I want some of that!