To fell or not to fell

To wed, is to to fall. Not the stereotypical wedding mantra but I think it has a certain ring to it. Brock and I have been engaged for three years, officially together for seven and unofficially for nine. We are a largely unremarkable couple. I am a teacher, Brock is an accountant. We cook together every night, watch documentaries and fall asleep on the couch. It is a lovely and simple existence. When we started wedding planning there were no hurdles in our way. I found a beautiful dress, we agreed on a delightful outdoor garden venue and we designed bespoke invites. Melbourne is an easy city to plan a wedding in, access to wedding vendors is second to none. I was rather surprised when the venue called and said they were looking into tree removal, Ashwood apparently suffers from overgrown non native tree species, I told Brock about the call and we decided to go and investigate.

I didn’t know much about gardening at a basic pots and flowers level let alone when it comes to tree removal! Brock spoke to the tree surgeon who said it wouldn’t cause any damage to the surrounding gardens but it needed to be done because the trunk was infected and they didn’t want to run the risk of the infection spreading throughout the woodland. Brock took a real interest in the whole process, as an accountant he doesn’t get much outdoor action so jumped at the opportunity to be involved in tree felling. Melbourne was starting to warm up as summer approached so I cut his workman’s jeans into shorts and sent him on his way to prepare our marital garden. Apparently tree felling is his calling, he has handed in his notice at work and signed up to enroll in an arborist qualification course. My soon to be husband is a soon to be a tree removal specialist!