Understanding Energy Storage

What is energy storage all about?

I came to Melbourne on a spiritual retreat to do yoga, meditate on the energies of the universe and look at crazy artwork to see what it says about me and my role in the cosmic ballet. And here’s a giant battery.

I guess Melbourne had to be known for something, especially after all this weird stuff in the last few years. Perth has that heating grid stuff, Brisbane now has the cleanest roads in the world, officially, and Adelaide is now the place where you go for air con. For some reason. And Melbourne has a big battery, I guess, I don’t even, for real. Apparently it’s all part of a massive industrial energy storage scheme to make energy consumption more efficient. This battery is just the first of many, and soon there are going to be loads of big batteries everywhere with people pedaling and generating power for the good of all.

I told my guru about it, and he said not to get distracted, because power generation was in the realm of normies. I should focus on generating my own spiritual energy. But then we had a seminar where we went out and lay on the grass and had to think for a solid hour about how mankind is ruining the planet, and how we were responsible for stopping the devastation. Then we had smoothies made from broccoli and hemp, it was kinda gross.

But, if mankind is wrecking the planet, isn’t energy storage and energy monitoring a really good thing? It’s helping to maybe, NOT wreck the planet. Making us more responsible. And it’s weird that we had a session where we had to prove that we hated technology by taking out our phones and smashing them, but we also booked the conference…online…

I’m not a total convert to this whole commercial energy monitoring scheme, but I’m sensing something really fishy. And it’s not the clownfish the guru keeps in tiny tanks embedded in his shoes.


Can’t beat ‘em? Charge ‘em. Clean Energy answered our SOS.

“84 PERCENT?” I yelled down the phone. “ Are you for real?”

I’ve never been great on the phone but this was a moment. The guy I’d talked to about saving money for our workshop had just told me how much I can save on electricity by simply switching to commercial LED lighting. Pretty much everyone in the workshop had turned around to stare at me- they’d probably never heard me get this worked up on the phone.

Why didn’t I know about the benefits of getting some sweet commercial LED? Melbourne is the best place to capitalise on finding ways to make business work in your favour, and I know some truly innovative people, but this completely floored me. To save 80% on a power bill seems to be a mistruth- yet the guy from the sustainable energy company is telling me in plain English that yes, I heard right, and YES they can arrange a fit out within just a few short business days.

We use a lot of electricity and out lighting system is in constant use due to the nature of our work. We’re wood turners and cabinet makers, and we are open six days a week for business. A small business like mine is often caught out trying to scrimp a few bucks here or there, and while I’m just ready to go the jugular of the multinationals stealing my trade for throwaway junk, I can’t avoid the fact that I’m a power guzzling business too. Not quite ready to be beaten and join em, I am jumping on the chance to save some money with a more sustainable approach.

I’ve since been in touch with a mate who runs his business almost completely on a solar energy buyback scheme, and i’m getting more an more wound up about her story of feeling ultra smug when the power company buys her stored energy back. I want some of that!