NO DEAL- knocking back a trade-in offer that stunk.

We were offered a shocker of a trade in deal when we bought our new car. So instead of giving the car away (practically) we decided to sell it to our daughter, who needs a good reliable set of wheels for her new job as an area manager. She’s got to get to Geelong and Bacchus Marsh from Ringwood three days a week, and it was well and truly time to update her old hyundai knock around. We were happy to see her safe, to be honest, and it felt a lot better than getting next to nothing from her compared to getting next to nothing from the dealership. She just needed to get a roadworthy from a certified mechanic and it was all hers.

We’ve never been happier than we are driving a Renault, but a lot of that confidence on the road is due to finding our great Ringwood mechanic who knows the make well. We have almost always referred to a team in Ringwood who repair and service all makes and models according to the manufacturers specification.

Our daughter will be using them to do the roadworthy on her brand new car, and upkeep all the servicing as they’ve been fantastic in keeping it on the road since we first bought it. Not a bad idea to lay down some conditions with such a great deal.

I remember when we took her to check out her first car, the Hyundai. She’d saved her money for almost three years when she’d reached her goal, found a good option and called us in to help her decide whether to go ahead or not. We’d been incredibly concerned that the car wouldn’t meet safety requirements and we’d wanted to ensure the driver had her best interests at heart. We’d gone in with guns blazing, and realised we’d been too worried when the driver turned out to be a young mother of three who had been as careful with her car as possible, and only decided to sell it so she could upgrade. She looked teary when my daughter drove away, a big smile on her face. I guess we felt nostalgic for similar reasons, me with tears in my eyes too.