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Too Many Yachts

Since everyone is sharing the last words of their dear departed on Tweeter with the hashtag #famlastwords, I might as well share mine. This was my great-uncle four times removed, who I was slightly closer to than usual since he would always send me yachts on my birthday. Like, every year. I’d have to go …

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Merry Car Troubles

It was pretty difficult for some of them, let me tell you! Poor Niall couldn’t remember a single thing about driving after operating his miniature scouting submarine for so long. The show followed his trials and tribulations as he tried to book in for car mechanic services. Northcote, where he used to live, was completely alien …

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Racing Safely

I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to get involved in the dangerous life of street racing, but it IS good fun if it’s on a track. Right now I’m treating it like a problem: I’m in the process of quitting, but it’s not something you can just do right away, you know? I’m taking things down …

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