The Kitchen Queen

Vanessa is the worst. I can’t even be in the same room as her without feeling like I want to go and throw up, and it wouldn’t be a problem, but she just does NOT stop talking. She doesn’t even have anything to say and she just talks, and talks, and talks, and yeah, she’s one of THOSE people. We were in home economics today and she was all like “Um, this bench just isn’t really optimised, it doesn’t have two sinks and the stove is on the wrong side, can I move to another bench?” and then Miss Gregory moved ME to the front from the back bench, even though I always get the back bench, and Vanessa was all smug about it, saying that her dad does some of the best kitchen renovations Melbourne has to offer. Apparently she knows all about what a good kitchen should look like.

Okay first, I’m not buying it. She is SUCH a liar. I bet her dad is a plumber or whatever, and in Vanessa’s weird little world she’s convinced herself that her dad does something as cool as kitchen design because she’s so boring. Her family is probably super boring as well.

So she’s at the back bench, probably her plan all along, but she talks so loudly that we can hear EVERYTHING while we’re making our lemon cupcakes, and she’s saying how if she was a kitchen designer then she’s make it so everywhere has a double sink and an alcove for the fridge, and you’d be surprised how often custom-designed kitchens don’t have room for a fridge because AAAAAH. If I was her bench partner Denise, I would’ve done terrible things to myself with a whisk just to get out of class.

Vanessa, we get it, you want to do custom kitchen designs and maybe bathroom designs (she talks in the toilets as well…), but just shut up and DO something about it! She just says like one thing, and one things doesn’t make someone an expert.